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Friday, 24 September 2010

The Drifter

Post numero uno of my blog.
Here is a little bit about me -

I'm a 25 year old Irish guy, currently studying Graphic Communication at the University of Wolverhampton in the fantastic West Midlands, U.K.
I love photography and boxing. Strange mix, eh? Love design as well.
Love to travel and explore, and to meet people from all cultures and walks of life.
Hate constant moaners and negativity in general. Life is great if you are able to see past all the bullshit that society makes us feel guilty about! If you're not smiling, you're not living. It's that simple really!
The simple things in life make me happy. Awesome sunsets, full moons, half moons, quarter moons, stars, life's mysteries, psychology, animals, breathing etc...

I have been in the U.K. for exactly 2 weeks now and I love it so far. Made some cool new friends and even got reconnected with past ones! Life is good.
I'm looking forward with nervous excitement to the challeneges of the year ahead of me.

Stay tuned...

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